Writing a grant proposal for art residency

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Project and Development Grants

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Rampant Settler Self-Indigenization Poses a Threat to Indigenous Peoples

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Articulate Your Interest in This Residency: Some applications ask for a statement of intent, a project proposal, or an artist statement. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you have done your homework and know why this particular residency is of interest to you.

R That the City of Ottawa clearly identify funds spent on language training for elected representatives. R That the City of Ottawa advise all its employees of the opportunities for language training. Project & Development Grants (Individuals) Carclew offers grants to early career artists for arts projects with a tangible outcome and/or skills and career development.

Jamaias DaCosta is a writer, Spoken Word artist and performer, co-Host and Producer of The Vibe Collective radio show and is the Producer of Indigenous Waves Radio, both on CIUT FM. C ARTIST GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING HANDBOOK M Y CM MY CY CMY K For many of us, writing a grant application or proposal can seem overwhelming.

Simply • Artist in residency opportunities • Travel relevant to your art practice. Arts Funding for Organizations. The International Man's Glossary A-Z: colloquialisms, concepts, explanations, expressions, idioms, quotations, sayings and words.

Example Applications Writing a grant proposal for art residency
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