Writing a cv for postgraduate study

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Research Design

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Writing a UCAS Personal Statement

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We receive a topic volume of applications so we cannot make individual feedback on unsuccessful applications. How do you write a CV for graduate school? We explain why schools care about CVs, what your grad school CV should include, and how to ensure it stands out. The samples written by the six writers featured in the pdf below help represent the differences between undergraduate and post-graduate resumes.

One fundamental distinction to be made is whether the resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is tailored towards a professional job or an academic position.

To apply for a postgraduate research programme, you'll need to complete and submit our online application form below. Be aware that the things you need to do before you submit your formal application may vary according to the programme you are applying for.

You can find specific guidance for each. Example CVs Chronological (Standard) CV Here is an example of a Chronological CV in which the information is arranged under general headings (Education, Work Experience, etc.) and set out chronologically thereafter with the most recent events first.

How to Succeed at: Writing Applications This free three week course will help you produce a perfect CV, application and online profile when applying for a job or course.

The Graduate Student and Post-Graduate Resume

We’ve provided you with four original resume and CV samples you can use as references while drafting your own resume or CV for graduate school. For additional samples, try browsing university websites and career center webpages.

Writing a cv for postgraduate study
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