Write an algorithm for brushing your teeth

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How to Explain Algorithms to Kids

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Algorithms - An Introduction

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Take the toothbrush. Take the toothpaste. Start brushing your teeth. Over the last several months we have had calls and questions on the differences between the pre PPACA wellness benefits and the PPACA wellness benefits for non-grandfathered health plans.

Brushing your teeth algorithm

Apr 28,  · Pick up toothbrush. Put toothpaste on bristles*. Rub bristles back and forth on teeth. Rinse/Spit. *Bristles - The fibers on the end of the hopebayboatdays.com: Resolved. BRUSHING TEETH First: check toothpaste hopebayboatdays.com levels are greater than 0 continue.

Second unscrew cap Third Add water & toothpaste to toothbrush. Fourth: Screw toothpaste back up and replace Fifth: Open Mouth. Sixth: Scrub your teeth. Algorithm for brushing your teeth. Write an algorithm for brushing teeth.

The instructions mustbe very simple and exact because the person who will follow themhas never done this activity before, and takes every wordliterally%(1). insert an algorithm that gives the steps involved with brushing your teeth Download includes both colour and black and white versions.

There are also versions .

Write an algorithm for brushing your teeth
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