Strategy for aurubis

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Strategy, Targets & Performance

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MarketScreener Strategies on AURUBIS: AURUBIS - 01/30 Short-term turn-around to the downside ahead SELL. AURUBIS AG - Expect the comeback of a strong trend BUY. AURUBIS - The midterm resistance, a key bearish reversal SELL.

AURUBIS - the new strategy, with which Aurubis will strengthen its position as a leading international provider of nonferrous metals. The company has defined three areas of focus for this purpose: growth, efficiency and responsibility.

The company wants to initially generate growth from within. For this purpose. Aurubis developed a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy in The strategy approach addresses the three components of economic, ecological and social sustainability, or the classic convergence of the economy, the environment and people.

Aurubis is a leading worldwide provider of non-ferrous metals. We process complex metal concentrates and diverse recycling raw materials.

Aurubis AG-Strategy, SWOT and Corporate Finance Report

Aurubis is the global leader for copper recycling. But the strategy will not include an expansion into mining, said Schachler, who took over in July Aurubis’ last acquisition was in when it took over the rolled copper operations of.

Aurubis Strategy Copper is the material of progress Copper can be recycled without any loss of its outstanding properties in terms of electrical and thermal conductivity, making it the ideal material for energy generation and transmission, the electronics industry, the automotive sector and telecommunications.

Strategy for aurubis
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