Reflective learning a teaching strategy for critical thinking

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The class consists of the students asking questions of each other and struggling these questions. Some educators consider critical reflection a learning strategy that can be taught with tools such as diaries, action learning groups, autobiographical stories, and sketching.

However, other educators question the usefulness of classroom teaching in helping adults learn to engage in critical reflection. Reflective Practice: tools for improving learning in the moment and developing a teacher identity, as well as approaches to collaboration and creating communities of practice Educational Theory: evidence-based strategies in learning and instructional research.

Teaching Critical Thinking: A Metacognitive Approach

Learning to voice your own thinking on an issue and listening to those you disagree with is a cornerstone of a well-functioning democracy.

When students are able to have a conversation that involves communicating their own views and listening to diverse viewpoints, their thinking is both enlarged and enriched. with yourself, as you become a reflective learner. Reflection is a practice that facilitates the exploration, examination and understanding of what we are feeling, thinking and learning.

LEARNING AND TEACHING GUIDES Developing Skills in Critical Reflection Through Mentoring Stories She has an MBA and an MPhil in Corporate Strategy and is also Prepare ‘critical stories’ which demonstrate reflective learning and critical thinking skills within the context of peer mentoring.

Reflective journal writing, as a reflective learning activity, is a teaching strategy which can nurture many of these qualities and promote mindful .

Reflective learning a teaching strategy for critical thinking
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Encouraging reflective learning and critical-thinking