Legacy for my family

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Creating a Health Legacy for My Family

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Creating a Health Legacy for My Family

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A Legacy Drawer is a drawer in your house with all the important papers that your family needs if something happens to you. Interrupter Checkmark Interrupter Icon. No matter who we are, where we live, or what our goals may be, we all have one thing in common: a heritage.

How To Leave A Godly Legacy For Your Children

That is, a social, emotional and spiritual legacy passed on from parent to child. Every one of us is passed a heritage, lives out a heritage, and gives a heritage to our family. It's not an. My husband and I wanted to create a health legacy for our family – we did not want to just succumb to the challenges.

Thankfully, during my search, I ran into my friend Falinda Farley. I had taught in the dance school where her son trained, and we had worked in a direct sales business together previously.

Every one of us is passed a heritage, lives out a heritage, and gives a heritage to our family. It's not an option.

How it works

Parents always pass to their children a legacy good, bad or some of both. Family is where love begins and never ends. Having someone to love is hopebayboatdays.com somewhere to go is home and having both is a blessing.

How To Leave A Godly Legacy For Your Children

My family unlike others is small. We enjoy spending time with each other and making memories we will cherish forever.

Legacy for my family
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