Gift of learning tool for nation

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A Holiday Gift to Teachers: The 2017–18 Top 10 Free Educational Technology Tools

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Rosetta Stone-Navajo a new tool to learn language 39, heard about the new Navajo version of the Rosetta Stone language learning program agreements with the Navajo Nation Museum gift shop.

A Bright Start for Every Child. Nemours BrightStart!, the first program of its kind in the nation, researches, develops and offers evidence-based tools targeting young children at risk for reading failure.

Educators select and use non-biased and equitable approaches for identifying students with gifts and talents, which may include using locally developed norms or assessment tools in the child’s native language or in nonverbal formats.

Tech Industry Amazon unveils free educational tools for teachers. The online commerce giant hopes to give teachers easy access to learning materials through its Amazon Inspire program.

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Gift of learning tool for nation
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