Communicating for distance education

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Communication Studies (BS)

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How Has Technology Changed Education?

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Communication in distance education is mediated through impersonal communication. The multimedia online distance learning communication is mediated through the Internet and computer software program (multimedia package). Distance learning is characterized by the relationship between teaching and learning and mental fitness of students.

Distance Learning Courses and Training in Marketing Communications. Get info about online programs in marketing communications. According to the United States Distance Learning Association, "distance learning is the application of electronic means to education in all areas: K, higher education, continuing education, co rporate training, and military and government training, telemedicine and those devoted to the pursuit of lifelong learning" (USDLA, ).

DISTANCE EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION -in an Evolving Sociocultural Context Arne Kjellman The rapid development of the computer and communication technologies (the Information Technologies – IT) has laid the base for an Information Society (IS), which has become somewhat different from the society in the early computer days.

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Communicating for distance education
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Distance Learning – Communication Studies